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    Grinch Stole Your Spirit?

    Did the Grinch Steal Your Spirit?

    With the Holidays in full swing, the end of the year approaching, and the hustle and bustle of getting Pinterest perfect presents and décor; it’s enough to make you feel like the grouchy Grinch.

    I’m guilty. I have not begun shopping and do feel the annual pressure to be “on top” of the cookie baking and singing Christmas carols in the shower with an overwhelming sense of cheer. However, this year is different.

    There is an excitement this season brings that does make us stop and cherish the memories of childhood, yet there can also be a kind of sadness present as well.

    It is my hope to dig deep; to really look at the holiday time as space where one can pause and be truly grateful for the many people, opportunities, and blessings given to us throughout the year.
    If you’re feeling grinchy, you are not alone. Many of us are triggered by the holidays and it’s important to know your trouble spots.

    Some warning signs may include:

    Feeling trapped at family gatherings with a relative who has harmed us in some way.
    The sorrow that accompanies facing the holiday after a love-one has passed.
    Seeing the picture-perfect cards come in the mail of the families we long to have.
    Feeling lonely and longing to have a joyful gathering to attend with friends or family.
    Struggling to manage addictions while surrounded by temptations.
    The budget strain that racks up more debt.
    Depressed mood from the lack of daylight and cold temperatures.

    Whether you are brimming with holiday cheer or the Grinch has it for the moment, know that it can be a stressful time of year.

    Reach out if you are overwhelmed. Forget expectations that create more frustration. Listen to yourself and know that your health and wellness is important at all times of the year, especially now.

    Happy Holidays!

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