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  • Why Feelings Matter

    Emotion is necessary for our survival, yet they are often undervalued. Human emotions are from the limbic system, deep within our brains and are thought to be intact long before thoughts are generated. With this, we know that feelings are a more basic part of ourselves than are our thoughts.

    Feelings give us important information and help us adapt, survive, and live well. Many people often think that if they could only get rid of certain emotions, then their lives would be better. While in reality, life would not be sustainable.

    Clients I work with who have experienced emotional neglect tend to push away their feelings or tune them out. They believe that denying their feelings is better and feel ashamed for having negative emotions. This pushing away of emotions becomes detrimental as it doesn’t allow one to live life to its fullest.

    Not only do emotions drive us to do things but they allow us to connect with others. Emotional connections help us ward off feelings of emptiness or despair and provide a depth to life.

    If you’re struggling to understand what your emotions are telling you, here are examples as to what your body may be trying to communicate:

    Curiosity               drives us to explore and learn

    Disgust                 tells us to avoid something

    Compassion         pushes us to help others

    Sadness               tells us we are losing something important

    Hurt                       pushes us to correct a situation

    Passion                 drives us to procreate, create and invent

    Love                      drives us to care for spouse, children, others

     Anger                    pushes us to fight back/self-protection

     Fear                       tells us to escape/self-preservation

    There is purpose in every emotion. Take time to get to know your feelings and what your body is telling you.