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    Suffering In Silence

    Suffering In Silence

    Childhood was supposed to be a care-free, happy time of our lives. For some, it was just the opposite. Never receiving the words you wanted to hear or never feeling like you were really noticed at all. There is an invisible wound that remains inside our hearts from the early years of childhood through adulthood. This is called Emotional Neglect.

    Emotional Neglect is a parent’s failure to respond enough to a child’s emotional needs.

    The absence of acknowledgment of your feelings, your accomplishments, and your struggles from your parents may have made you feel that you were the problem. The feeling of being overlooked assures silent damage to people’s lives and has an effect upon who we become as adults.

    As adults, we tend to feel unfulfilled, disconnected, or empty. We struggle to understand our feelings and often feel that our emotions can’t be trusted as we were not validated as children. Our relationships suffer as we cannot fully rely on others or trust that they will be there when we need it most. We stay closed off.

    Our emotions inform and direct us through life. As we struggle to connect to our own emotions due to emotional neglect, our relationship with ourselves is stunted and underdeveloped. Feelings of depression can rip through us and make us feel as though we will never have the relationships that we’ve always desired, with our inner self and with others.

    If you think you have experienced emotional neglect or are having difficulty with trusting your own feelings, stop the silent suffering by beginning your path to healing. Please feel free to contact me with questions or further information.

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