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    Loss during the Holidays

    We made it! We managed to get through the holidays – How’d you do? For some, the holidays are a time of remembrance that brings a sense of sadness with it. Whether you’ve recently lost a loved one or it’s been decades – the festive time of year can be a struggle.
    If this is the first holiday without a dear loved one, it may be unthinkable to feel an ounce of cheer and a lack of desire to interact with family and friends is profound. The world doesn’t seem right because you’re not able to share it with the person who has always been there for those special moments.

    Not only does death make the holidays difficult, but the loss of a dating relationship or marriage can also bring intense sadness. Breakups at or near the Christmas and New Year’s magnifies the feeling that one should feel happy, but in reality, you may feel like the Grinch with a tiny heart that hurts underneath all of those layers.

    It’s important to know that your feelings are okay. You can be sad during the most “Wonderful time of the year.” To work through the melancholy, a balance of remembrance and re-thinking traditions can be helpful. While preserving the memories you hold dear, you can make new routines special with the people who support and care for you.

    If you are feeling the emptiness of the holidays and need support, yet haven’t reached out, don’t wait any longer to share your pain with someone who truly cares. You are not alone.

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