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    Being Enough

    Spring has sprung, and the birds and the bees are out in full swing. The budding environment may put a spring in your step, but for some, it can be a reminder of singleness or feeling alone. I work with many individuals, male and female, who are in search for the perfect companion. In today’s world we are taught that having a significant other makes you happy – Cue your favorite childhood Disney movie.

    Additionally, some of us grow up in families that are truly lacking emotional and physical support (CEN) and we are in a desperate search to know that we are important to someone. While working through difficult childhood experiences is an essential part of therapy, we also want to consider the relationship you have with yourself.
    Do you love you? Are you seeking wholeness outside of yourself?

    “you can be whole and enough on your own”
    alex elle

    Have you ever imagined what life could be like when you are truly, madly, deeply loving yourself? This is not to be confused with a sudden right to be self-centered, however, to allow yourself to take space and time to explore who you are and remove an unhealthy narrative that may have been created long ago.

    You can plan on experiencing some discomfort. You may be confused at times, yet the gift you give yourself of knowing that you are e n o u g h is invaluable. Feeling adequate as you stand alone or even alongside someone else allows you to understand your worth as a person. You are stronger than you know.

    If you are interested in growing in love with yourself, consider seeking therapy.
    You’re worth it!

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