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    How 20 Hours Can Change Your Life!

    A little bit of inspiration for your Friday as we near the end of the first month of 2018!

    Recently, I encountered a social media post from a best-selling author, Karen Salmansohn, who posted about a Ted Talk [see video below]. The speaker, Josh Kaufman references the idea that we all have an initial fear of looking stupid if we want to learn something new. He challenges us to dive into our fears by investing at least 20 hours of time. Further, he explains in detail that this amount of time is essentially all the time that you need to become good at something.

    Taking 20 hours may sound technical and tedious, but it is also inspiring and gives up hope that we can accomplish our goals and step into a place where we can be good at something.

    Within the lens of wellness and freedom from past pain and hurt that we often work on, in and outside of the therapy room, we can see that shifts in our lives take time. In our ever-changing world and with a common mindset of instant gratification, we may be expecting to “be over it” or think that medication will make us immediately feel happy. I invite you to allow your hopes of working through the anxiety, spending more time with people who are positive and setting boundaries to begin to become your reality. It may be hard work, but the dedication and time spent will be rewarded with a feeling of freedom.

    As Kaufman stated, the major barrier to having what you want and being good at something is emotional.

    Let’s get to work!

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