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    Trauma Informed Counseling

    We cope by avoiding close relationships, so we can’t get hurt
    But it’s so Lonely


    Hope for healing in any stage of the process of recovering from traumatic experiences.

    Working with a therapist can help you process the traumatic events you have experienced and heal the painful emotions which may affect you 1 year or 50 years after the event. I help people recover from negative experiences such as:

    • Physical abuse
    • Sexual Abuse
    • Loss of a primary caregiver
    • Witnessing domestic violence
    • Nobody meeting your emotional needs
    • Feeling unwanted, unloved, unlovable, unworthy

    If you think any of these descriptions sound familiar, let’s talk! Often when people contact me for help they don’t recognize their experiences as traumatic, and that’s okay. We can work through it together.

    I use talk therapy, parts work, narrative therapy, expressive arts, mindfulness, other holistic methods to help you heal from traumatic experiences.

    When trauma is resolved you may find that you no longer need to try to control people, relationships, and your environment in order to feel safe. You can expect to feel more in control of your life, grounded and centered.

    Healing Is Possible!