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    Online Counseling


    Providing secure, video-based therapy in Georgia

    Online Therapy Is The Most Convenient Way To Get The Help You Need

    Wherever You Are.

    I’ve worked with many people who either have unique work hours, who have difficulty getting out of the office for appointments or simply despise Atlanta traffic. For these people, seeing a therapist in an office was impossible and they were left with few options.

    When I started using online therapy with clients, I was worried that it would feel impersonal and distant. I was unsure if I would be able to provide the best therapy to my clients.

    I was wrong.

    Online therapy works just as well as traditional in-office therapy. From your office or from the comfort of your home, you get to have a real, hour-long session without sacrificing additional precious time for travel.

    Online therapy allows me to work with people living across the state of Georgia and for those who may not have access to high-quality clinicians where they live. I am able to work with anyone who has a permanent address in Georgia. Whether you live in Savannah or Inside the Perimeter (ITP), we can work together.

    So How Does It Work?

    Similar to Skype, online therapy is simple – all you need is an internet connection and a private space.

    Whether you are interested in working with me exclusively online or would like to combine online and in-office therapy, we can make it work.