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    Individual Counseling

    Stress, anxiety, and depression are likely to have touched you or a loved one at some point in your life. Yet very few of us have been given the tools to effectively process these emotions. We fear opening up to them because we’re scared they’ll overtake us, that they’ll require too much “work,” or that they don’t really matter anyway.

    The net result is that we push these feelings aside so we can get on with the busyness of life. However, when we do this, these feelings are left to fester, often lingering in the background as persistent, negative recurring thoughts.

    We end up disconnecting from ourselves, from our bodies, and from others, sometimes with addiction, distraction, or denial. So, maybe we’re not feeling the pain of guilt or rejection or loss, but now we’re left lonely, numb, and confused.

    But… you can change the way you react to your thoughts. You can feel better and more whole. You can create the life you want. Learning how to skillfully process unhelpful thoughts and negative feelings can have far-reaching benefits for you, personally, professionally, and relationally.

    Let’s connect if you’re experiencing:

    • Stress
    • Depressed mood
    • Anxiety
    • Feelings of guilt and shame
    • Feelings of not fully belonging
    • Feeling unworthy due to childhood emotional neglect (CEN)
    • Lacking a voice or feeling important
    • Sensitivities of the childfree woman
    • Pre and Post Natal Mental Health
    • Life transition