Grinch Stole Your Spirit?

Did the Grinch Steal Your Spirit? With the Holidays in full swing, the end of the year approaching, and the hustle and bustle of getting Pinterest perfect presents and décor; it’s enough to make you feel like the grouchy Grinch. I’m guilty. I have not begun shopping and do feel the annual pressure to be “on top” of the cookie...[ read more ]

Accepting BCBS Fall 2018

Recover from Childhood Emotional Neglect

As adults, we have childhood experiences that have shaped us in good and bad ways. The impact of what has happened or what didn't happen may be lingering in an unknown space inside of you. You know something is off, but you're not quite sure. Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) is a parent's failure to respond enough to a child's emotional...[ read more ]

Using Senses to Find Calm

If you've ever found yourself struggling to maintain a sense of calm or are in the midst of a scary panic attack, a sensory-based technique called grounding can be helpful. Grounding engages the senses to help you return to the present moment and tune into your surroundings on a basic level. Give it a try! If you struggle with anxiety,...[ read more ]

How To Have a Great Marriage

Love is a funny thing. Sometimes, however, its really not funny. Our relationships and marriages can be sources of great joy but also places that become the most difficult if left unattended. The seeds of intimacy are time and repetition. We choose each other again and again, and so create a community of two. -Esther Perel- Relationship expert, Esther Perel...[ read more ]

Overcome Childhood Abandonment

The pain of losing a parent either physically, or being emotionally abandoned in childhood leaves deep and longstanding scars. The later has been researched and known as Childhood Emotional Neglect. Without a doubt, we thrive and grow when as children we feel loved and are emotionally attached to our parents. The unfortunate nature that presents when a parent leaves the...[ read more ]

Encouraging Yourself Through Self-Talk

When it comes to getting through difficult tasks or working through unpleasant emotions, we can count on the inner voice, our self-talk, to guide us. Unfortunately, our voice tends to be a critical, self-depreciating one that interferes with us being our best self. It can present the truth like, "You've wasted hours by being indecisive." or "What's your problem -...[ read more ]


Are you a people pleaser? Do you find yourself doing more and more for friends and family, pushing yourself to the limit at work, and often feeling that others take advantage of you? Many of us want others to be happy, so we are willing to sacrifice ourselves, our own happiness, time, and general wellbeing for the people we care...[ read more ]

Cutting Down on Drinking

If you’re like many Americans, drinking can be something that we do socially and is often part of celebrations and happy times. For some, however, drinking takes on new meaning; it acts to cover up feelings of sadness, disappointment, and even lessen anxiety. Here are a few guidelines that health care providers use to measure if you are drinking more...[ read more ]

Together Yet Separate

Inspiration can come from so many different sources. Often our work is inspired by our needs, desires, hopes, and dreams. The work of building a connection is something that is so important to me that it truly presents a raw experience. Have you ever had that feeling? The pain of not having a connection is difficult, but also in having...[ read more ]

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