Childhood Emotional Neglect and Your Adult Relationships

Having your feelings ignored as a child has a profound effect on you as an adult. Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) is the experience of a child not receiving enough emotionally from their parent(s). The unnoticed emotions become difficult to manage, and as a way to get by, children often shutdown, or wall off their emotions. The stuffing away or pushing...[ read more ]

Enneagram: Nine Types of Us

Have you heard others talking about their “Number” or “Type” recently? The Enneagram is the talk of the town and becoming a trendy, yet useful tool for personal growth and conflict resolution.I first heard of the Enneagram a few years ago when a colleague I worked with was using the personality tool with her clients. She gave me the paper...[ read more ]

Brené Brown’s Six Vulnerability Myths

Have you seen the Netflix Special featuring Brené Brown? Brown busts six myths surrounding vulnerability and how practicing it is not only a good thing but is a superpower for living a courageous life! Psychology Today contributor, Barbara Markway, Ph.D. writes, Brené Brown's vast and popular body of work (multiple best-selling books, wildly popular TED talks, and now a new...[ read more ]

Holistically Lowering Anxiety

Psychology Today recently posted a great article from Dr. Thaik, MD on the topic of using drug-free options to lower anxiety. Take a look! Anxiety and stress are among the most pervasive mental health issues affecting people today, as a staggering 18% of the population, or 1.386 billion people, report being affected by feelings of unease. But contrary to what...[ read more ]

Shame vs. Guilt

What’s the difference between shame and guilt? The majority of shame research shows that the difference between shame and guilt is best understood as the differences between “I am bad” and “I did something bad.” Guilt = I did something bad. Shame = I am bad. Shame is about who we are, and guilt is about our behaviors. We feel...[ read more ]

Being Enough

Spring has sprung, and the birds and the bees are out in full swing. The budding environment may put a spring in your step, but for some, it can be a reminder of singleness or feeling alone. I work with many individuals, male and female, who are in search for the perfect companion. In today’s world we are taught that...[ read more ]

Grinch Stole Your Spirit?

Did the Grinch Steal Your Spirit? With the Holidays in full swing, the end of the year approaching, and the hustle and bustle of getting Pinterest perfect presents and décor; it’s enough to make you feel like the grouchy Grinch. I’m guilty. I have not begun shopping and do feel the annual pressure to be “on top” of the cookie...[ read more ]

Accepting BCBS Fall 2018

Recover from Childhood Emotional Neglect

As adults, we have childhood experiences that have shaped us in good and bad ways. The impact of what has happened or what didn't happen may be lingering in an unknown space inside of you. You know something is off, but you're not quite sure. Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) is a parent's failure to respond enough to a child's emotional...[ read more ]

Using Senses to Find Calm

If you've ever found yourself struggling to maintain a sense of calm or are in the midst of a scary panic attack, a sensory-based technique called grounding can be helpful. Grounding engages the senses to help you return to the present moment and tune into your surroundings on a basic level. Give it a try! If you struggle with anxiety,...[ read more ]

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