Encouraging Yourself Through Self-Talk

When it comes to getting through difficult tasks or working through unpleasant emotions, we can count on the inner voice, our self-talk, to guide us. Unfortunately, our voice tends to be a critical, self-depreciating one that interferes with us being our best self. It can present the truth like, "You've wasted hours by being indecisive." or "What's your problem -...[ read more ]


Are you a people pleaser? Do you find yourself doing more and more for friends and family, pushing yourself to the limit at work, and often feeling that others take advantage of you? Many of us want others to be happy, so we are willing to sacrifice ourselves, our own happiness, time, and general wellbeing for the people we care...[ read more ]

Cutting Down on Drinking

If you’re like many Americans, drinking can be something that we do socially and is often part of celebrations and happy times. For some, however, drinking takes on new meaning; it acts to cover up feelings of sadness, disappointment, and even lessen anxiety. Here are a few guidelines that health care providers use to measure if you are drinking more...[ read more ]

Together Yet Separate

Inspiration can come from so many different sources. Often our work is inspired by our needs, desires, hopes, and dreams. The work of building a connection is something that is so important to me that it truly presents a raw experience. Have you ever had that feeling? The pain of not having a connection is difficult, but also in having...[ read more ]

Building a Sound Relationship

Whether you’re in a new relationship, frequently daydreaming about your significant other, or you are in a seasoned marriage of 30 years, having a strong relationship is not only important but necessary to weather the ups and downs of life. The Gottman Institute, a program of researchers who increase the understanding of relationships, utilize a research-based approach that helps couples...[ read more ]

How 20 Hours Can Change Your Life!

A little bit of inspiration for your Friday as we near the end of the first month of 2018! Recently, I encountered a social media post from a best-selling author, Karen Salmansohn, who posted about a Ted Talk [see video below]. The speaker, Josh Kaufman references the idea that we all have an initial fear of looking stupid if we...[ read more ]

Perfectionism: A personal note

Today, I get to share and be vulnerable with you. Even as a therapist, I have been challenged and have experienced some growing pains. The desire to reach specific outcomes, personally and professionally, have been daunting and overwhelming. Earlier, I hit the wall. I wanted to throw in the towel or at least curl up in a ball and shut...[ read more ]

Depression: Dark & Deep

Depression is an illness that affects the mind, body, and soul. It can make even the simplest tasks feel like unimaginable hurdles. Whether you face seasonal depression, also known as, seasonal affective disorder, bipolar disorder, or suffer from depression due to post-partum, daily functioning can be a serious struggle. With some 15 million Americans combating depression, it is an elusive...[ read more ]

Loss during the Holidays

We made it! We managed to get through the holidays – How’d you do? For some, the holidays are a time of remembrance that brings a sense of sadness with it. Whether you’ve recently lost a loved one or it’s been decades – the festive time of year can be a struggle. If this is the first holiday without a...[ read more ]

Anxiety Busts – Steps to Reduce Feeling Anxious

Anxiety Busts Steps to Reduce Feeling Anxious Anxiety plagues many of us in our personal lives, professional careers, and, for some, even in the small day to day tasks. When you’re feeling anxious, you may feel stuck or uncertain with what steps to take to feel better or get moving in the right direction. With the hustle and bustle of...[ read more ]

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